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Message from the Executive Director – Spring 2017
Mar 07, 2019

Message from the Executive Director

Earlier this year the far right leaning Mercatus Center published editorial articles in Ohio newspapers advising the public that Ohio public pensions could not meet their future payment obligations.  These articles addressed OPERS and OP&F specifically.  The articles stated that by 2037 OPERS has only a 50% chance and OP&F only has less than a 25% chance of fulfilling pension obligations.  This information as read was very troubling to me and the OPBA Board on behalf of our members.  Further investigation into the matter found that the Mercatus Center did not include current or future contributions to the funds by our members or their employers.  Unfortunately, this pension article appears just to be another tactic to try and influence the public away from pensions and to 401(k) type retirement plans.

Right to Work legislation has gain found its way into the Ohio Statehouse.  As many of our members are aware Right to Work takes rights and income away from each and every employee.  The average salary is $500-$600 less per month in Right to Work States.  If you think living with that much less per month is bad, just realize over a 30-year career up to $216,000 could be lost by a worker if Right to Work were to become law.

The OPBA continues to represent our members at the worst of times.  Our attorneys have assisted members from the Hudson Police Department, Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office, Englewood Police Department and the Howland Police Department.  Officers in these departments were forced to use deadly force in all the above-named jurisdictions.  Please keep these officers in your thoughts.

OPBA Family Days for 2017 are planned.  Please consider attending an Indians, Reds or Mudhens game with your family and/or coworkers.

While attending the OPBA Family Days or other events where OPBA members are involved we would like to display and put your pictures on our social media.  The OPBA is proud of our members and would like the public to see what our members do on a daily basis.  If you have an event, special functions or workshops you would like the OPBA to profile please send the information to info@1f4.29c.myftpupload.com.





American Income Life (AIL) continues to provide a free $4,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy to OPBA members in good standing.  OPBA members DO NOT need to do anything to receive this benefit.  If you choose to complete any information from AIL they WILL contact you to list your beneficiary and also to present other insurance products for sale.

Stay Safe, watch each other’s back and when in doubt about a work related issue contact the OPBA always representing Ohio’s Finest!

Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association
10147 Royalton Rd
Cleveland, OH 44133

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