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    Member Assistance Program to Launch August 1, 2019
    NEW MEMBER BENEFIT The OPBA is very concerned with the mental and physical well being of our members. It is obvious-now more than ever-that job related trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance abuse is an issue that needs to be immediately addressed. To that end, the OPBA is launching a Member Assistance Program on August 1, 2019. Please watch this video for a brief introduction on what is included in the program.
    Ohio House Bill 178
    The OPBA opposes House Bill 178 as it will make your jobs as law enforcement officers more dangerous. Please contact the members of the House Criminal Justice Committee listed on this page: http://www.ohiohouse.gov/committee/criminal-justice. House Bill 178 will do the following: 1. Repeals the notice requirement applicable to licensees stopped for a law enforcement purpose; 2. Repeals the need for a license to carry a concealed weapon; 3. Repeals the need for any training to carry a concealed weapon; 4. The bill in part would enable a person 21 or older who is not prohibited under federal law from having a firearm to carry a concealed deadly weapon other than those that are federally prohibited. According to a Legislative Service Commission analysis, that would result in several categories of persons currently ineligible to obtain a license being granted the ability to carry a concealed deadly weapon, including those being charged with a felony or misdemeanor offenses related to violence, drugs, negligent assault, or falsification of a concealed weapons license.
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    What We Do
    The Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (OPBA) has been fighting for those in law enforcement since 1973. We provide legal and bargaining representation to our members by employing seasoned and knowledgeable labor attorneys.
    Who We Are
    Our staff is made up of hard working men and women who know workers' rights. The OPBA employs nine attorneys with backgrounds in labor, employment, and criminal law. We also have one business agent as a member of our team. 
    Who We Represent

    The Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (OPBA) represents employees of governmental or quasi-governmental police agencies or such retirees, in the State of Ohio. This association exists to provide aid and protection, education, and for the general welfare of its members and their families and for the betterment of police and people of their communities.

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    Win a $7,500 Garage Makeover from California Casualty

    California Casualty, Ohio Police Benevolent and Protective Association program for auto & home insurance, wants to thank you with a new Work Hard/Play Hard Sweepstakes. One lucky law enforcement officer, firefighter or EMT will receive a $7,500 Garage Makeover. OPBA members can enter at www.PoliceFireGiveaway.com.

    The winner of the newest Work Hard/Play Hard Sweepstakes from California Casualty will be handed a $7,500 check to create the garage of their dreams.

    Imagine the possibilities: new cabinets, custom tool storage, shiny new flooring or even a beverage and snack area to go with a big screen TV.

    Whether it’s a gym, workshop, or refuge from the stresses of the day, California Casualty will help create the ultimate garage. It’s our thanks for the hard work first responders do, often putting their lives in danger, to keep our communities safer.

    The Work Hard/Play Hard “$7,500 Garage Makeover” drawing is open to all OPBA members; entries are being taken now through October 31, 2019, at www.PoliceFireGiveaway.com. The winner will be announced in November.

    OPBA members can learn more about California Casualty and how it appreciates all you do at https://mycalcas.com.

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