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Mar 13, 2019

More Information:
Past Practice
FBI Ambushes and Unprovoked Attacks
FMLA Basics Part 2
Brian Holb Introduction
Public Perceptions
Retention and Recruitment of Law Enforcement Officials in the 21st Century
Protect Your Protections
Brady Revisited
When is a Dispute a Grievance?
Moving Past the Past Practice Misconception
The “Zone of Employment” in Workers’ Compensation Cases
Ohio Public Records Law
In re Urbana Firefighters:  The Latest from SERB on the Toledo Exceptions
Young v. UPS, The Latest From the Supreme Court on Pregnancy Discrimination
How To Negotiate Your Health Insurance Costs
Social Media in the Workplace Part 2
Understanding Intermittent FMLA Certification and Use
Deadly Force
Thoughts Here and There
Where Does the Money Come From?
Workers’ Compensation Coverage Clarification
Need for OPBA Representation? Know the Continuum
Is the “Display” of a Weapon Considered Use of Force?
The Downward Swing of the Pendulum of Public Scrutiny and Opinion
Supreme Court Decision in Young v. United Parcel Service – Raises New Questions about Light Duty Work Policies
Human Trafficking
Trust Yourself
Social Media Assisted Career Suicide
50th Anniversary of Miranda
The Status of Body Camera Recordings Under Ohio’s Public Records Act
Arbitration Process and Procedure
Motor Vehicle Searches
What is Just Cause?
Where Government Spending May Go and Consumer Spending May Be Going
Prince of His Estate?
Statutory and Practical Considerations Related to Retroactivity For New Contracts
Labor Management Meetings: Friend or Foe?
The Opioid Battle
It Has Been a Fight From the Beginning: Rocky I – IV
Warrants and Electronic Tracking
Social Media in the Workplace
Fleeing Felon Rule and Vehicle Stops
Are Personal Electronic Device Records Private?
U.S. Supreme Court Rejects “Provocation Rule”
The Latest from the Ohio Supreme Court on Vindictiveness in Sentencing
Creative Settlement Opportunities for a New Contract
Enforcing Protection Orders
Case Law Update
The Downward Swing of the Pendulum of Public Scrutiny and Opinion
Contract Negotiation Under 4117
Defining Insubordination
FMLA Basics Part 1
Purse Searches & Traffic Stops
Use of Force in Correctional Facilities
Top 10 Social Media Tips for Public Safety Employees
I Don't Want to Lose My House
Search Incident to Arrest
Miranda Rights
Right of Expression
Responding to the Needs of Victims
The United States Supreme Court to Again Hear Fair Share Fee Challenge
24/7 Coverage-The Use of Body Cameras
Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association
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