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OPBA Proud
Mar 07, 2019


by Thomas Austin, Executive Director

As a twenty year member of the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, I never have doubted the representation or benefits I have received.  On September 1st, I personally witnessed our representation provided to OPBA members in critical incident situations.  It was approximately 5:50 p.m. and I was working with my other shift mates in the patrol division.  We were dispatched to an active shooting.  Within a few short minutes of arriving, one of my shift mates was faced with having to use deadly force.

I immediately saw the effects of a deadly force situation on my co-workers.  Our patrol union representative was on the scene within 15 minutes.  Our patrol representative had already been in contact with the OPBA 24-hour answering service and was speaking to our OPBA attorney.  When the officer, who was required to use deadly force, returned to our police station, an OPBA attorney was waiting to provide legal counsel.

This scenario is a service the OPBA offers to ALL its members.  In fact, since June 2015, the OPBA has assisted members or departments in at least five separate police shooting incidents.

Immediately after the incident, the OPBA made available to the involved officers the services of the Westshore Critical Response Service to provide counseling services to the officers.  This service is offered to ALL OPBA members.

As a police officer, union director and executive director I am proud of all the OPBA does for its members.

* * * *

2015 is an election year for Department Directors.  Please see the OPBA By-laws Article VII which addresses the Board of Directors.  I encourage you to participate.

* * * *

Many of our departments, especially some of our new member departments, are hiring new employees.  Please make sure that all new employees complete a membership card to assure that all benefits the OPBA has to offer are received.  If you know of somebody who needs a membership card please call the OPBA office at 1-800-457-4190 or send an email to OPBA@aol.com.

* * * *

The 2015 OPBA golf outing returned this year.  Congratulations to 1st place winners Chad Lockhart, Ryan Buckles, Rick Yusko and Jason Rickenbacher.  Lake Forest Country Club in Hudson provided a challenging golf course along with excellent food.  Numerous prizes were awarded.  Over $4,000 was raised for the OPBA Charitable Foundation.  Thank you to all our sponsors and participants.

* * * *

REMINDER:  If you ever need advice from an OPBA attorney or OPBA business agent, contact them as soon as possible.  Waiting to get advice may make a positive outcome more difficult.

* * * *

The OPBA monitors a 24-hour answering service to be utilized by its members.  Please call 1-800-457-4190 for assistance.


Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association
10147 Royalton Rd Suite J
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